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Persistence Poem

Keys of ivory, black and white,

Notes that soar, dance, take flight,

A piano sits, in silence profound,

A lonely soul, with stories abound.

Its keys once touched by master's hand,

Creating melodies, a wonderland,

But now it's quiet, gathering dust,

Waiting for someone to earn its trust.

Persistence shines in a player's heart,

Fingers gliding, a rhythmic art,

Hours of practice, dedication true,

Unlocking the magic it once knew.

Alone it stands, in the dimly lit room,

A beacon of hope, in the midst of gloom,

Its strings vibrate, a lonesome plea,

Longing for someone's company.

But the pianist, with each resolute note,

Finds solace, a refuge, a musical boat,

In the depths of loneliness, it finds a friend,

A companion, on which it can depend.

With each melody, the piano speaks,

Echoing emotions, both strong and meek,

It tells a tale of passion and pain,

Through music's language, a heartfelt refrain.

And so, with persistence, the piano sings,

A symphony of resilience, the joy it brings,

A reminder that in solitude's embrace,

There's beauty, strength, and grace.

So let the keys be struck with might,

A piano's voice, a guiding light,

In persistence, it finds its way,

Loneliness fades, as music holds sway.

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